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Wednesday, September 21

This is a collage of photographs taken on my 4 day, extended to a 7 day vacations (Thanks to Hurricane Irene!) over at Orlando, Florida on the past month of August. Jayson (boyfriend) and I basically spent the time relaxing watching tv (which we NEVER get to do), went to the most delicious desert place on Dowtown Orlando called the The Dessert Lady , saw the lovely Fireworks show over at Epcot Center & went to a cute little winery over at Lakeridge on a rainy day. 

Hope you like it!

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Yésica Isabel said...

This is Gorgeous*
I wanna gooo ;)
So far, loving everything you've posted.

ok. tengo que dejar de escribirte todos los días.

awwww. es que eres de las pocas amigas que tienen blog.
ok. bye. jajaja Muaaa

Nydia said...

que linda!! comenta todo lo que quieras jajajaja no me molesta, al contrario me emoicono jaja