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Saturday, September 17

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I just wanted to stop by 
and thank Yésica Isabel for her mention of my blog on her blog Hilo Rojo.

Please clik here and visit  --> "Desde que le conocí"

 If you understand Spanish, please stop by! It's just amazing (one of my favorites)
She is one of the most special human beings I know! We met each other once 
upon a time in Mexico City, we had seen each other only one time after 
that (by coincidence), but we've been friends / pen partners ever since!! 

She's Genuine, humble, talented and beautiful!!

Yésica & Me
Mexico, 2005

That time still allows us to share memories, words, 
photographs, and love, lots of love...

Thanks Yésica,



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Yésica Isabel said...

Me encantó esto!!! Y la frase final parece de libro* Gracias Nydia. Un besoooo =)