Sail away

Saturday, September 24

So my birthday is coming up pretty soon (on October 22nd). And I've been thinking for a few weeks now what I am going to do.  This year, for my 23 + 1 birthday, for some reason I just want to do something different!  I already asked for my days off at work for that week, because I want to give myself a vacation as a gift haha. But the funny thing is that I asked for it without knowing to where or when I was leaving!

A lot of places have been on my mind: NYC, Las Vegas, Cancun, LA and Canada. But my boyfriend suggested to go on a 7day cruise. At first I wasn't excited at ALL, for some weird reason that idea wasn't meeting my expectations. But now, it's a different story. He found one leaving from Florida that takes you to The Coast of Mexico, Belize & Honduras. I've been to Mexico before, but never to its beautiful coast line /beaches! I'm sooo excited now!!! And this will also be my first cruise EVER** Yeah!! Traveling is one of my passions, I  absolutely LOVE going to new places, (I think everyone does!) obviously with my camera on hand. 

I'm leaving in just a few days now, I prefer saying days instead of weeks because in that way time goes faster! (I think the cruise leaves on October 14 / 15). For me one of the best moments on going on a vacation is the packing process, I just love it!! I have already picked up some pieces I want to pack! (and yes, I'm that excited / anxious!)

Please cross your fingers in the name of good weather!!

I want to buy some stuff before leaving, but I will show you my bday wish list in a few days!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Until next post*


The best road in life, is the one you love to ride!

Wednesday, September 21

I'll follow the sun

Sometimes I found myself in the people I see. 

In those moments that I first dream, and then live.

Between the shadows and light of  life.

 While I breath, I will find myself in the light, 

While I live, I'll  follow the sun.



All photographs were taken and edited by Nydia E. Mercado ©

Pen Partners

Saturday, September 17

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I just wanted to stop by 
and thank Yésica Isabel for her mention of my blog on her blog Hilo Rojo.

Please clik here and visit  --> "Desde que le conocí"

 If you understand Spanish, please stop by! It's just amazing (one of my favorites)
She is one of the most special human beings I know! We met each other once 
upon a time in Mexico City, we had seen each other only one time after 
that (by coincidence), but we've been friends / pen partners ever since!! 

She's Genuine, humble, talented and beautiful!!

Yésica & Me
Mexico, 2005

That time still allows us to share memories, words, 
photographs, and love, lots of love...

Thanks Yésica,




Friday, September 16

I present you : US
Him = Jayson  / Her = Nydia

True Facts: 

*Been together since 2010, but known each other since 2007*

*We are a little obsessed with Paramore <3 (lol), we
saw them in concert 3 times in one single year *
(let me tell you, they are A-MAZING)

*He takes my pictures for my style blog
 Little_Island at Chictopia and I edit them*
(photography is my passion / hobby / part time job haha*)




*Feel free to follow or comment*

All photographs were taken and edited by Nydia E. Mercado ©

Almost midnight music

"Do you know where your love is?
Do you think that you lost it?
You felt it so strong, but
Nothing's turned out how you wanted"

If there was a list of my top 100 favorite songs of all time, 
One Republic - Say All I Need, will be one of them. 

And for those who have never heard this song
I hope you enjoy it as much as me. 

If you have extra time, watch the video at youtube (VEVO). 
Is in black & white and was filmed in the gorgeous city of Paris.

Here's the link --->  Say All I Need - Official Video



A day in the life: One Ordinary Day

Thursday, September 15

On a rainy afternoon of September, I found myself 
wondering (with my camera on hand) on how simple, 
but yet beautiful one ordinary day can be.