The higher the better

Thursday, January 12

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Sunny, a little hot for being January, but yet really nice. I've been wanting to wear these new pair of black high waisted pants from Zara for a while now!  Sooo comfortable and chic, love how basic and cool they are (I don’t know if cool is the correct word, but I hope you get what i mean lol). A striped ivory and navy blue top compliment this look, and as always adding pops of colors here and there such as red lips and green clutch. I may say there's a nautical theme going on, but ... What’s not to love about that?

Hope you love the outfit & photos*


No Comments said...

<3 it...I love high waist pants...but they don't look good on me since I am so short...but you look fabulous!

Anna said...

I love your style sooooo much! :D
All your outfits are pure inspiration to me and that´s why I´m seeing every post and I will continue. Just stopped to tell you this and I will follow you from now on.
Kisses <3