February Sun

Sunday, February 12

I’m in love with the February sun. 

When the sun is setting it gives you the most gorgeous and amazing glow! Perfect for taking outfit photos <3  I wore Lace (see-trought top) and colorful short skirt, a 10 second hair do and my rounded sunglasses. This is a casual/ cute outfit, perfect to fall in love with the sunset =D.

While writing this post, “East of the sun and west of the moon”  sang by Frank Sinatra was playing on my laptop. And I wonder if a Sunday afternoon can get any better?

Until next post



This is Mylow. And he is just so lovable!

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bruana said...

Gorgeous award!!!!!!!!!!! <3

el.vi. said...

Gosh I wish I could wear your outfit in february! but too cold here!

Nydia said...

Thank you <3

Nydia said...

It must me cold in other parts of the world, but here Februray is like summer =D

Ashley said...

I love your skirt so much! But I have to say, Mylow is the cutest thing in these pictures :)




Nydia said...

I know, he is so adorable and lovable! Love your blog <3

KT said...

Omgosh, your skirt is so cute! And your puppy!! I love wiener dogs!!! I have a wiener dog too! :) Ok now back to your outfit. so cute and colorful. I love how you mixed it with a lace black top. It totally worked!


Nydia said...

That’s Mylow and he is too adorable <3 weiner dogs are the best haha Thanks for commenting and liking my outfit <3