Jay’s B-Day Surprise

Friday, February 24

On Wednesday the 22nd I planned with my sister Irma  and my sister-in-law Dacil, a small surprise birthday party a la Mexicana for Jayson (My fiancee). I’ve been trying for a few years to surprise him but it seems so difficult!!! He’s to hard to surprise, he always figures that something weird is going on. So while he was in the university, I bought some balloons, made cupcakes, invited some friends (even Mylow was there haha) and planned everything in a few hours. It was so much fun! He never suspected anything!!

What did we do?

- Play Put the Tail on the Donkey (lol) & Taboo (awesome)
- Ate cheese fondue with chips
- Cooked home made tacos <3
- Sang Happy Birthday and ask for wishes

And we are going to continue the celebration for the weekend! (he’s b-day is this Sunday =D)

Until next post,



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