Saturday, February 18

You know those moments that you have everyday when you have to wait.

You know what I mean...  right??

Wait in line at the super market, when the person in front of you has a cart full of food for 20+ and you just have a bottle of water and a magazine. Wait until the traffic light gives the YOU CAN GO NOW! message when it changes from red to green. Wait until you get out of your work on a Friday afternoon to meet up with friends or just go straight to your house and take a nap. 

So eventually, we all have to wait. No matter who you are, in some moment, everyday, you just wait.

But what is important is what you do while your waiting, because time is important to all of us. Some people talk on the phone, others complaint that their waiting, they also sing along with their IPod’s, many are “tweeting” or searching for new posts on facebook.  

Well me...  sometimes I rather take pictures.

For me time is memories... moments... instances. I want to remember everyday (or almost everyday) of my life. No matter how simple it may seem. Here are some photos of a Thursday at 5PM. They were taken while I waited for Jayson to get out of work.

(Sorry for my excessive use of the word “wait”, but you get my point.)

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Yésica Isabel said...

Love Themmm*

Bea said...

lovely pictures! :)