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Thursday, March 22

I love books. 
Good books. 
Big or tiny books. 

Just the experience of reading fragments, ideas, and creations of other people's mind is fascinating. Somedays I wake up with a desire, the urge of reading something new. So I go to Amazon and/or GoodReads and spent hours looking: covers, reviews, rates... until I find one that catches my attention. (I’m not yet taking the next step and buying a kindle, I love having the book. It fills up my bookshelves! haha)

Without knowing who wrote it, if its an famous author or not, if it's good or bad literature. If it’s sounds interesting, I pay for it and wait until it arrives to start reading it.... 

Sometimes this works for me, and sometimes it doesn't... But the whole experience is worth trying. How can YOU difference good from bad, if you don't know both, right?

On September 2010, I wanted to buy a book to read on my airplane trip to Orlando. I went to Borders (when it existed) and after 12 minutes of searching I picked up a black hardcover book with a golden bird on the front, and was named by the author:  The Hunger Games....

At that moment I didn't realized the incredible book I was holding in my fingertips until I started reading it...

The Hunger Games is the first book of a trilogy created by north-american author Suzanne Collins. This book was released in 2008 (kinda mad I didn’t noticed it sooner, but better sooner than never) and has been acclaimed as a New York Times Best Seller, praised by Time Magazine and by Stephen King author of the Pet Sematary, Insomnia, 1408, Green Mile, and many others books.
The second book is called Catching Fire which I finished in less than two days and the the third is Mockingjay. Jayson (boyfriend) gifted me this book for our 9 month relationship celebration. It made me sad to read this one. I didn’t want this amazing story to be over!

I love every detail of these books. 
The cover. 
The feeling of the pages.
The characters and their names. 
The scenery.
But most important.. the story behind it.

I'm not like Katniss Everdeen (principal character) in any shape or form, but somehow I can identify with her. It’s so weirdly amazing how I can suffer and understand every feeling she ever had (it's kinda weird she doesn't exist, but that's the magic of novels and fiction stories...)

The book talks about starvation, oppression, revolution, war,  romance, bravery, entertainment vs. humanity. How sometimes us, people, society, humans find entertainment in others suffering! Like in a article that I read recently it also demonstrates : "society’s celebration of vanity and indifference to violence .... and inescapable obsession with watching people destroy themselves and each other.” It’s a powerful and inspiring story. Really unique and incredible! 

I assure you... you wont be disappointed. If you like reading,  and open minded, give it a try.

I just hope the movie is just as good, or makes the story justice. So excited for tonight! My boyfriend and some of our friends are going to watch it together. Jennifer Lawrence (who plays Katniss) apart from being so ridiculously beautiful, she's really a good actress. I'm hoping she does an amazing job on this film and the others ones to come.

OH! And one more thing.... : never judge a book by its cover, 

All set to see the movie! =D 



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