My Names is Memory

Thursday, March 29

One of my recent additions to my growing collection of books is from the writer / author of the famous series The Siterhood of the Traveling Pants: Ann Brashares and its called My Name is Memory.

I thought the title was simple and beautiful and caught my attention. It’s about this soul who calls himself Daniel that has reincarnated from time to time falling in love with the same girl (who he calls Sophia, but her name and physical appearance changes every time he encounters her). Daniel has the ability, the memory to remember every moment and feeling of his pasts life’s, but most important, he know’s how to recognize souls (how awesome would that be!). Sadly and heartbreaking enough, throughout he’s many years of life, Sophia and Daniel have been torn apart and no happy ending’s have been lived between them. With a passion and patience that a person in love only knows about, Daniel waits for her in every life. Hoping that Sophia one day will recognize him as well.

I recommend this book to all those romantic girls (or boys =D) out there! This is a very heartfelt and powerful story of true love. And its a series which makes me very happy!

I used photos I've taken to write some of my favorite quotes of the book:

PS: ST. Louis Missouri, 1932 is one of my favorite chapters <3. 
On the version I have, is from page 202 −204.

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xo, Nydia*

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