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Wednesday, March 21

Mylow is my fiancee’s family dog. I’m so in love with him.
He’s just too lovable and photogenic! Ins’t he adorable!?

Now, more about my look!

I bought this polka dot top for only 5$ (yeah!) Hey, if it’s pretty and it fits, why not!? I wore the top with my pair of HM jeans; I wanted to keep a casual look (I rarely wear jeans, and believe when i say this is unusual for me =P haha). I really do like how the accessories make the look a more unique. The rounded sunglasses, aqua blue necklace and pink clutch are the perfect touch. 

Thank you Jay for my JS ballerina flats <3 
I love how Mylow  figures out a way to be in every photo.
Jay & Me ( I had to upload this photo! Is one of my favorites!)

PS: I have taken the last few days to make some slight changes to the blog. 
I hope that you like the more colorful style of it. 
Do you like it? What do you think!? Let me know =D

Until next post,



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Yésica Isabel said...

Nena!! Qué bella esa first pictureeeee =) Yo creía que Mylow era tuyo!!! Me encantan los colores nuevos del blog* Bien tú!!!! Muaaaa

Nydia said...

Ya quisiera que fuera mío! Siempre lo veo y juego con él. Pero, desafortunadamente, no vive conmigo =( . Que bueno que te guste el nuevo estilo de mi blog. Le hacía falta color!