Thursday, March 1

On one of my past posts: Long sleeved & cute collars , I wrote about some dresses I wanted to post about. So here is one of them! A mint colored layered dress from F21. 

I love the waterfall effect, but what I adore most is the color. It’s so feminine and pretty. I’m so happy this is the trend color for Spring season. I styled this dress with my fav bright pink blazer from Zara and leopard sandals. I little bit of pink lips and a gold belt to accentuate waist, and their you have it: a simple, but yet colorful spring look!

PS: While writing this post the only thing I hear sitting here on my bed is the rain falling. I can here the puddles of water forming, sound of each drop of water when hits the windows, walls and ground. For me... it sounds so calming. I must say, I've missed the rain. Sometimes I really do like gray skies (in comparison to the 80% of sunny days here at Puerto Rico). They somehow define feelings or how a day is going to turn out... For example here I am reading The Umbecoming of Mara Dyer, eating hershey kisses and feeling cozy all wrapped-up with my blanket. Sometimes we need those moments in life. Just to feel happy doing “nothing”.

Until next post.


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Aly said...

Love your blog! Your style is gorgeous :)


KT said...

Pretty pastel colors, lovely pictures and I love your name! So pretty! :)


Nydia said...

That’s so sweet of you, thanks for following!

elvi said...

I love mint...I recently tried on a mint dress but I don't think the color looked good on me :-( It looks fabulous on you!

violetheart said...

you are so pretty, i want your hair. i adore this dress and the color combination so soft and fresh. love your blog, definitely following now, keep in touch xx

violetheart xxoo

Valeria said...

Your dress is so beautiful! Seriously I love the color of the dress and the combination with the pink blazer, gives a hint of sweetness :)

Dany said...

you are soooo pretty! the dress is amazingly gorgeous and the blazer goes perfectly with it! I'm following you on Chictopia too! xoxo


Nydia said...

Thanks Dany! I love your blog and style. I’ve been following for a while now! Thank you for passing by my blog <3

Nydia said...

It’s been I while since I hear from you pretty girl! Hope your doing great! Thanks for stopping by!