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Tuesday, May 22

Everyday we daydream, we escape to those moments in time that we wish will come true in some point in our future. I love traveling (I daydream about that a lot!) I think is a passion we all have! For me being able to travel to fabulous cities such as London and have the opportunity to experience this city in a fashionable way will be totally awesome. But once I’m there, where do I go? How do I discover those shops, boutiques and hidden treasures that this great city possesses? Thanks to genius minds an application / webpage called Shopikon was created. With a simple click on your smartphone, you can download this app, and from afar fall in love with all the amazing stores the fashion capitals such as New York City or Barcelona have for you. The page is divided by City and then you can choose different types of categories such as: clothing, accessories, home, design, etc. 

Browsing through the webpage I couldn't help but check out the women’s shoes section. And there I discovered F-Troupe, a label which offers an amazing cute very english inspired shoes! I’m so amazed on how unique they are! I loved the ones down below!

Do not doubt on visiting Shopikon today! 
And start a checklist of all those stores you wish to visit!

Shop and discover away!



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