Wedding Photography by me*

Tuesday, July 17

I wanted to share with all of you some of the weddings I’ve photographed in the past. 
So I decided to do a collage!

 Working at weddings has allowed me to get to know so many people... 
so many couples full of love and desire to be together and 
begin a journey through life beside one another. 

I love being able to stop time in a unique and beautiful way. 
And I hope to get even better with time and experience!

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fleurani said...

wow Nydia, those are amazing photographs, you are so talented. I ca't wait for the day, when I can look at my wedding pics :-)
<3 Ani

Debs said...

amazing pictures, tienes mucho talento

Nydia said...

=D I’m glad you liked them!

Nydia said...

Que linda Gracias =D

Dave Thompson said...

Love the wedding photos you have posted. My fiance wants something very similar to these for our wedding. Hopefully they turn out as good as your pictures did. Thank you for sharing your pictures.