Swirls of Colors

Saturday, August 4

The other day I was hanging out with my big sis, we were eating at a local mexican restaurant and after that she wanted me to go with her to Kmart! I found myself looking at the clothing racks and for my surprise I found this beautiful colorful printed skirt for only $9.00!! I couldn't wait to wear it! So I styled it with tones of orange corals and hues of blue. I created a very bright and bold outfit using simple ruffled top, a cute light blue necklace and my now favorites shoes (are all from Forever 21).

This may be other of my summer favorites so far!

Always remember...  Is not always what your wearing, is how your are wearing it!

Happy Weekend!



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Sweet Melissa said...

LOVE that skirt!!! Good deal!


signora m said...

ah, i found you on chictopia - and i had to follow you there!
But your blog is even better than your outfit posts there :P
The skirt is amazing, love the print - and it looks great with the top :)

oh and, it would be really nice if you check out our blog :

http://signorina-k.blogspot.co.at/ :)

eliz said...

Whoa never would have thought Kmart had nice clothes...that skirt is amazing you can mix and match so much with it! Great find!

Nydia said...

I know! I was a really weird place to find such a pretty skirt! And like you say... I can mix and match it with soooo much!


Nydia said...

Thanks for your lovely comments!

I will sure visit your blog,


Nydia said...

Thank you Melissa!