Big Bear Adventure: California Diaires

Thursday, October 25

I’m very excited to write about my visit to BIG BEAR!

Just going up those over 7,00 feet of gorgeous mountains was a delightful trip. I may say it is the coldest place I’ve ever been too. Low 30’s (and for a Caribbean girl that is darn COLD! haha) It was foggy, cold, with a wonderful smell of pine trees, it was oh so so beautiful! Just straight out of a movie! I wanted to stop and take picture of every single tree lol! Saw beautiful wooden houses, ducks, cute cabins, more squirrels and last but not least... a wolf! Wel,  like 3.. crossing the road! Obviously I was in a forest, but I couldn't believe it. It was pretty cool!  I was too far away (for safety) to get a good photo but one just for evidence!

I visited Lake Arrowhead Village while I was there. It reminded me so much of Germany or Belgium. It had a lovely european feel, with the architecture and colors. Ahhh ... I just want to go back!

Sorry if I’m boring you all with my California trip pics but I had such a nice time and visited many lovely places that I can’t help share will all of you!

Until next post,


Here I wore a an all black outfit, with leather jacket, boots and pants. 
Added a splash of color with my scarf and silver sweater! 

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Sweet Melissa said...

Cool pictures! You look beautiful as always!


fleurani said...

Looking at your pics I always have the feelin I am traveling with you :-)


PS: did you know that you have your word verification on, such a pain in the butt :-)