Leather & Denim

Wednesday, October 31

This was yesterday’s outfit. I decided to wear one of my birthday presents from my friend Lianne. A fabulous denim/leather jacket! I adore the neckline and side pockets. It’s THE perfect casual jacket for Fall! Can’t wait to wear it with a dress! 

As you can see on the photos, the outfit is  pretty casual. But the choice of textures (denim/leather), lip color (red) and hairstyle (high-bun) the attire turns out to be more playful and edgy!

My engagement photoshoot is today. I’m so excited, I can’t even sleep! haha
Hoping everything turns out great! I have a great team of friends working with us.

I would tell you guys later how it turned out and maybe show you some photos as well!



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fleurani said...

Nydia, this denim leather jacket is such a great gift and you styled it perfectly with the black shorts and those royal blue sandals.

So exciting with the engagement pics :-) Looking forward to see those :-)


Haylie said...

Such a gorgeous look! the jacket and shoes are amazing! :)