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Wednesday, November 14

Hello my lovely readers!

I haven’t showed or written to much about the wedding on the blog. I wanted to wait until after the date. I don’t want to ruin any suprises. But just a few details wouldn't hurt =P 

It’s been a pretty hectic week. Jayson and I are super anxious and excited about the wedding! We’ve been engaged for more than a year which has given us time to work on venue, theme, dress, you name it. 

I’m BIG  fan of DIY projects. Putting a personal and unique touch in every detail is what makes your wedding... well... YOURS.  So, when we started with all the planning the first thing I wanted to do was the invitation. I went for something fun, sweet and sophisticated. 

After a great search of ideas, you can see the result on the photos bellow! I design it with Illustrator (thanks COLLEGE!) and printed it on a gorgeous glitter paper. I bought all the packaging at Etsy (my online savior haha, thanks to all the excellent sellers!) including the envelopes, stamps and paper goodies .

What do you guys think?

For the wedding venue, we are doing the ceremony and reception in the same location: Hotel El Conquistador at the east coast of Puerto Rico. I don’t want to bore you all with all the fancy description, so you can visit their webpage to see more photos! Lots of family are traveling from the States to be with us on our special day, so it’s a perfect place =D

I’m pretty excited about everything!
What do my lovely readers think? Let me know



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Sweet Melissa said...

Cute invites! Weddings are so much fun! Good luck!


Chymere Anais said...

Aww Congratulations!

Chymere Anais

Sue said...

Aw! how exciting!!! las invitaciones quedaron de show!

BeCreative BeYou said...

So wonderfull, i hope you have a great day...the best of your life :)
i love your blog ;)

Fashion Hipster said...

Muchas felicidades Nydia!!! Me encantan las invitaciones, espero que todo salga muy bien y que Dios bendiga tu uniĆ³n =)

eliz said...

Your venue is absolutely breathtaking!!! Gosh everything is going to be beautiful!!