Sugar & Lights

Wednesday, January 23

On the previous post: Off to the roads, I mentioned that I bought a sweater and a denim top at a buy one and get one free sale at Pac Sun. So here it is! I decided to use is as a layer with a simple gray top, aztec print skirt, and to add a contrast a bright blue bag & shoes! I did not take a lot of outfit pictures, but with these few ones you can see the whole outfit and hopefully be inspired. 

Below I posted some random moments of the day. Wanted to show you my second favorite icecream: nutella & chocolate (the first being cheesecake ice-cream with blue berries & strawberries... yummy =D!) And the other one, is me trying to see normal things in life in a new way... in this case, cars lights blurred out. 

Hope all of you like the outfit and the pictures,

Until next post!


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Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I love the pattern on that skirt! And that ice cream looks so yummy.
Almost Endearing

Coco said...

I love that outfit, especially the denim top. You look great xx

Sue said...

Adorable outfit!