December Summer*

Friday, March 22

A few days ago I started to edit/work on my official wedding photos! I just can't wait to finish them so I can FINALLY show them to friends, family and of course all of you =D. Anyway, I was searching on my computer files and saw the few pictures Jay and I took on our mini 3 day honeymoon to Culebra Island and wanted to share them here at the blog! I know it’s been a few months from the Big Day* and I truly hope I don’t bore you with all this!  It’s just that it was one of the best (if not the best) moments of my life. Everything from the dress, decor, venue, theme was personalized and created by us (Jay&me) close friends and family. I have like two more posts to come with a few big day/wedding tips and more photos!


Happy Friday*

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