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Saturday, April 6

On my December Summer post I told you guys I was going to do a Wedding tips post so here it is:

Are you currently engaged? Are you planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? Well then, if your answer is yes here are some tips from me, a newlywed and wedding photographer for all you out there.

1) Define the type of wedding you want!
Maybe you want a small backyard ceremony? Contemplating the idea of a destination wedding? Or like we did: a themed wedding! The most important thing is that you & your fianceé decide on how you want that special day to be.

2) Do collages, find inspiration!
Divide it by categories: dress, centerpieces/flowers, bouquet, decor. This will help you know the styles you like! But pay attention: You have to stop searching eventually. The collages are to guide and help you have clear ideas, not to get you overwhelmed or confused! 

Pinterest is a great place to search and create your boards, so go ahead create an account =D

This was  the collage I made to serve as inspiration for my candy bar!

3) Define your budget.
Sadly, you spend a good amount of money on a wedding, no matter how small it is. SO its super important to think on how much $$$ are you willing to invest. And remember, buy what REALLY matters for you and fiancée. If youre the type of couple that prefers a small wedding and a big honeymoon or maybe to have your favorite photographer capture the unique moments and cut on the flowers: Go ahead! Don’t think about it twice. Do want makes both of you happy!

My dress was made from scratch and I was willing to pay a bit more! I didn’t pay for a wedding coordinator because our wedding was small and we had a lot of help from our family and friends. 

4) Understand that the wedding preparation usually is more important for the girls/women!
I’m not saying that he doesn’t care. Obsvouilsy he does, he proposed!! Is just that we pay more attention to things they don’t really understand. Shoes, accesories, dresses, flowers, cake, etc! So... be patient. I was fortunate enough that Jayson was very helpful and involved in every aspect but sometimes he didn’t understand why I wanted peonies instead of roses for my bouquet hahaha..

5) Remember that the wedding is about the TWO of you! 
A lot of people are going to  give you opinions. Like: “That’s too much money for a dress!” “Are you sure you want to do the ceremony outdoors?"  Please don’t turn bridezella on them! You have to listen and respect others opinion but always go with your instinct and stay true to your vision!

6) DIY Projects 
This is the best way to have a personalized wedding. And it feels very fulfilling to see everything on your wedding day and knowing it has a piece of everyone who helped on the process. It’s not simply something you bought, but something that was created with love and lots of work! 

Ruffled is a great wedding blog with beautiful DIY projects that would definitely inspire you!

This was the result of our backdrop before placing it in the candy buffet area.
We bought all the laces in a bunch of stores, did the paper wheels and the Love is Sweet banner as well!

Thanks to my little knowledge of Illustrator/Indesign I was able to do my wedding invite inspired by our theme: vintage circus!

7) Forget about everything that didn’t go as planned!
Some small details may not go the way you want. Maybe the cake wasn’t ordered exactly as you wanted or the bridesmaids dressess were not the perfect color! Remember to not let anything small ruin your day. Don’t over think the negative! At the end of the day what matters is the celebration of the love you have for one another.

Hope this helps all of you bride-to-be gals out there!

OH! And  this are also great wedding websites! 
(great for wedding décor, engagement session ideas and isnpiration in general!)

Quería escribirlo también en español pero sabía que se iba hacer demasiado largo, disculpen chicas!

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Coco said...

OMG!! Your dress is beyond beautiful!! You look stunning, can't get over it. Great dress xx

eliz said...

WHOAAAA what a look stunnnnning!!!! Show us more!! hahah

Anonymous said...

Okay, you are seriously the most stunning and beautiful bride that I have EVER SEEN! More pictures, please!! :)