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Tuesday, September 15

Neck scarfs (neckerchiefs)  have been my obsession for the past couple of weeks. I've been searching for new styles to add to my growing collection and I was excited (over the moon type of excitement) when I found this silky colorful one at Urban Outfitters. Love the soft texture and delicate print that adds color to any look. I played a bit mixing prints with the culottes adding black pieces to neutralize the look!

More coming soon,

Las bufandas de cuello han sido mi obsesión por las pasadas semanas. Mi colección es pequeña, pero he estado buscando diferentes estilos. Cuando vi este en Urban Outfitters me enamoró. Lleva una textura suave y delicada que añade color a cualquier look de manera sutíl! Para el atuendo combiné estampado floral y lineal con top/zapatos en negro. 

Espero que les inspire!

S H O P   T H E   LOOK

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Please check. Thank you so much for your valuable time.
By the way. You look super cute and chic in this look

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