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Saturday, September 24

So my birthday is coming up pretty soon (on October 22nd). And I've been thinking for a few weeks now what I am going to do.  This year, for my 23 + 1 birthday, for some reason I just want to do something different!  I already asked for my days off at work for that week, because I want to give myself a vacation as a gift haha. But the funny thing is that I asked for it without knowing to where or when I was leaving!

A lot of places have been on my mind: NYC, Las Vegas, Cancun, LA and Canada. But my boyfriend suggested to go on a 7day cruise. At first I wasn't excited at ALL, for some weird reason that idea wasn't meeting my expectations. But now, it's a different story. He found one leaving from Florida that takes you to The Coast of Mexico, Belize & Honduras. I've been to Mexico before, but never to its beautiful coast line /beaches! I'm sooo excited now!!! And this will also be my first cruise EVER** Yeah!! Traveling is one of my passions, I  absolutely LOVE going to new places, (I think everyone does!) obviously with my camera on hand. 

I'm leaving in just a few days now, I prefer saying days instead of weeks because in that way time goes faster! (I think the cruise leaves on October 14 / 15). For me one of the best moments on going on a vacation is the packing process, I just love it!! I have already picked up some pieces I want to pack! (and yes, I'm that excited / anxious!)

Please cross your fingers in the name of good weather!!

I want to buy some stuff before leaving, but I will show you my bday wish list in a few days!

Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Yésica Isabel said...

Can I come??? You guys should adopt me :) I am a good person. hahahaha Espero que disfrutes ese viaje al máximo aunque llueva, truene o relampaguee. Eso es todo. Bye. Muaaa hahaha

Nydia said...

Si pudiera me los llevaría a todos, tu te imaginas?? =D que emoción!! Gracias por los buenos deseos*** Aunque estemos en tiempo de huracanas me lo voy a disfrutar jajaja

Chymere Anais said...

I love your blog! [New follower]

Chymere Anais

Chymere Anais said...

Ps-I like to start from the beginning = )