My 24th Birthday Wishlist

Wednesday, October 5

At last I prepared my birthday wishlist collage!

#1 : GOOD WEATHER for my trip =D***

#2: A cute/fun outfit to celebrate my b-day with! (The picture is the outfit I used last year.)

#3: A floppy hat (a black or neutral one)

#4: A new perfume (Laila or Viva la juicy, maybe both =D)

#5: Dessert!! Red velvet Cupcakes or Dulce de Leche cheesecake

#6: Take a LOT of photographs during my vacation (this one is not so difficult)

#7: A themed photoshoot with Jayson and

#8 New books to add to my library.



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Yésica Isabel said...

Me encanta el nuevo diseño del blogggg!!!*