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Tuesday, November 1

I think I have never worn a whole black outfit in my life! 
I like the simplicity of it. Wearing a whole black outfit and living in a Island with all this hot weather may not be a great idea, but shorts and a sheer loose top may do the trick! Adding great accessories to this look, like a floppy hat, cute black/gold necklace and red lips (of course), give the outfit a more stylish look.  

Enjoy the photos, 

Until next post!



Black Floppy Hat - PACSUN
Black Blouse - Forever 21
Black Shorts - Zara

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Sam said...

A whole black outfit looks fantastic on you!



Yésica Isabel said...

Me encanta la última foto*

ZEOLITE said...

I think the all black looks so chic! Loving your lipstick, too.