Belize & Roatan Island, Honduras

Tuesday, November 22

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The second stop in the cruise was :Belize (located in Central America). Is the only country in the region with a British Colonial heritage, they speak mostly English, Spanish and Kriol. Surrounded by deap blue waters, rivers, caves and history; Jayson and I decided not to do the cave tubbing we were planning on doing and instead we went on a private "city" tour. I have to admit we were a little bit scared about the unkown, but yet we saw beautiful areas such as the oldest Anglican Church in Belize - St. John's  and the Goverment House. Our driver also bought us Belkini so we can taste authentic Belizian Beer, not a big fan of beer, but it wasn't that bad hahaha... I want to go back  to Belize so I can visit  San Pedro and the Great Blue Hole.

One thing I love about cruises, 
every night is a perfect excuse to dress up! =D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The next day we went to Roatan Island,  Honduras. I was really excited about this Island. I had seen and read a lot of wonderful things about this place. Once we arrived, we heard the bad news that all the tours were cancelled due to the heavy rain on the last few days. What we were supposed to do now? We scheduled a trip to the beach! But, because this trip was so unpredictable, Jay and I decided just to go with the flow hahaha (just following if life give you lemons theme...) First we went to see how much it would cost for a taxi, which were $80 each! Obviously that was not an option, so standing their thinking what would be our second option... The perfect one appeared!! We rented a car for only 45$ and we drove for at least four hours around the Island with the perfect background music of Paradise - Cold Play. This Island reminded a little bit of Puerto Rico: cool breeze, beautiful grean mountains and the perfect turquoise colored water (even though it was raining). I was in a very happy place =D

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All photographs were taken and edited by Nydia E. Mercado ©

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Kathleen said...

loove these pictures! looks like you had so much fun :). and didn't know you had a blog girl! ah im so late :/, but def now following you :). have a lovely thanksgiving girl!

<3, Kathleen.