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Wednesday, November 9

Monday, October 17, 2011

First stop of the Cruise was over Cozumel, Mexico!

Visiting Mexico was very awesome: Nice people, culture & music!

I have to clarify that we did not stay over at Cozumel, instead, we took a Ferry Trip to Playa del Carmen and then a 20 minute drive on our lovely bus called "La Bonita" to a park called Xcaret. What a PLACE!!!  I loved being surrounded by nature, flowers, water, beautiful birds and pure fun.* If you want to get a little bit of more info of this little wonder click here .

One of the main attractions of the park are the rivers and underground 
rivers made of clear, blue ocean water.

OH! How I miss those days! I wish I was there relaxing listening to the birds pass by,
 enjoying the scenery, taking pictures, and just living life!

PS: The second photo on the left is the bus we took to Xcaret! Isn't cute? 


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Jerrica said...

Fantastic pictures the images look so bright and perfect. I wish I could visit this location in Mexico!

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