Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair

Wednesday, July 11

Yesterday I went to CVS with Jayson and while I was looking for food for my cute kitten, I lost him in less than one minute. Once I found him between the isles, he was immersed looking at the magazine section. I started to look at the magazines as well, and couldn't help but literally gasp when I saw Kristen Stewart at the cover of Vanity Fair. She looks incredibly stunning!! I have always said that she is one of the most photogenic people ever! She was photographed by the one and only Mario Testino at Paris wearing astonishing couture!

Here are some of the photos, my favorite ones is the black and white wearing the biggest earrings ever (lol) and the one she is standing at the glorious chandelier hallway!

Please click here so you can see some behind the scene moments!



PS: I never do this kind of post, but I hope you loved it!

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