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Wednesday, August 29

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful week! 

At last!!!  I got to wear this lovely Forever 21 floral print top! I’ve been obsessing over bold floral prints in long sleeve tops, and in my search I got this cute piece for only $14!! Here.. I wore it with my light pink nautical shorts which you have seen before in other posts (coming soon:  a different ways to wear: nautical shorts!!) As well, my pink flower earrings and my new booties.

Someone must hide this babies from me because I will find an excuse to wear them with EVERYTHING, EVERYDAY!

Now... I must continue with my New Girl Series marathon, I love Zooey Deschanel!

Until next post,



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Sweet Melissa said...

Such a pretty top!!!!! Love it!


Sue said...

Me encanta! it's the second time I see this blouse on someone and I'm in love, so in love I've been wanting to try to find it lol.

You look great! bella ;)

Ashley said...

Can't believe that top is from Forever 21!! You look amazing <3



Southern (California) Belle

Nydia said...

They also have it at Charlotte Russe but for some strange reason at a higher cost!!

Teresa said...

estoy de acuerdo con Ashley, ese top se ve tan pero tan chic!!! te creo lo de F21 y Charlotte ja! es que los precios de F21 son inigualables, amo la tienda por siempreeee jajaaj

me encanta tu conjunto, en especial el toque casual que le dan las botitas!


Nydia said...

Thanks =)

Nydia said...

La puedes encontrar en Forever 21 o en Charlotte Russe (en F21 está mucho más económica)

Nydia said...

Gracias Teresa!

Casualmente ayer entré a Charlotte Russe y la vi rebajada como de 22$ a 15$ y aún así en F21 está más económica =D

Estoy enamorada de mis botitas!

DaBi Vintage said...

so lovely blog!kisses from Italy