Friday, August 31

Today is a bright and beautiful Friday! Perfect to go to the beach or just get dressed in lots of colors and hang out with family or friends. Right now I have soooo many things in my schedule. And none of them include beach or tanning lol! First I have to wash my car, my little vintage thing needs loving! Then I have to WORK, EDIT, WORK on a few weddings and photoshoots I have done in the past couple of weeks!! And also... I have to continue organizing my own wedding. Having a lot to do is great but sometimes I get all confused and worried and stressed out! Oh... the adult life... how much I love you!

Do you feel this way sometimes???



PS: I loved this outfit! So simple but colorful and fun, very me =D!!!

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Prerana said...

lookin grt
love ur skirt <3
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Ashley said...

Super cute outfit! Love how it's so simple but stylish. Good luck with the wedding planning, sounds like so much fun :)



Southern (California) Belle

Meanz Chan said...

Love the simplicity of this look! The hi-low skirt and white tee really compliment eachother! You look great!

Teresa said...

que linda Nydia, me encanta la faldita. yo adoro los outfits sheer<3

un beso,

Nydia said...

I’m glad you like it! <3