What I wore for work: Stripes

Saturday, August 18

Last Sunday I had to attend a wedding in the beautiful West Coast of the Island; on my way there (almost a 3 hour drive form were I live) my sister and I stopped to take pictures with the beautiful beach scenery as a backdrop! One of the best things about my job is that I can choose how a dress. I always go for simple pieces that make me feel comfortable because I have to move around a lot all day. 

For this wedding (being summer still with the hot weather and everything!) I decided to wear a Zara striped long dress with a belted rope, black necklace and a high ponytail =)

The last picture is from the beautiful newlyweds! 

Hope you love it!

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.



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Gitanas said...

what do you do? wow this looks like an awesome job! great outfit!

Nydia said...

I work as a wedding photographer =D***

I’m glad you liked the outfit!