Different ways to wear: Nautical Shorts

Sunday, September 2

I bought this adorable nautical shorts at Zara during the month of June. They had them in various colors: white, light pink and turquoise.  I must admit, I wanted to buy them in every color, but I decided to go with the pink ones. I just thought they were a bit cuter than the white ones, but more neutral than the turquoise.

Each of the outfits that I created during the past weeks of Summer using this shorts are quite simple and fun. The first look I went for a graphic tee, red lips and for layering, a acid-washed jacket also form Zara. The second look is little bit more chic, with a black floral blouse that I absolutely love (I want to wear it everyday now =D) The boots gave the special touch for a Summer to Fall transition outfit. The last photo, is from my Nautical Feeling post.  This look is the simplest of the three. With just a striped mint colored top from Forever 21, arm candy and heart shaped sunglasses for a very girly attire.

Because of the simplicity of the shorts, the only detail being the cute little gold buttons on the front, there is more space to play around with printed tops and blouses.

What’s your favorite look?

Hope you love them,



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Sue said...

My fave looks are the first 2 ;)

Ashley said...

My favorite look is definitely the third one! The shorts work perfect with that striped top, just makes it that much more nautical :)



Southern (California) Belle

Nydia said...

Awww, glad you like them! xo

Nydia said...

=D The top does make it more nautical!