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Monday, January 21


A few weeks back, on a boring weeknight, Jayson his sister Dacil and I started to look for something to watch via Netflix. We came across The Walking Dead and I said: "I want to know what the fuzz is all about!  After five minutes if it’s not interesting we'll change it!” After Dacil’s approval and Jayson’s complaints we started to watch it and immediately became obssesed with it!! I know that the Zombie thing may sound weird, or even wrong, but I can deny it... is truly awesome! Can’t wait for February when Season 3 returns to TV! ( I can’t believe I’m saying that hahaha)


Paramore is releasing their new single TOMORROW! It’s called Now, Hayley (the main singer of the band ) posted a video at her tumblr  with a preview of the song! I just can’t wait to listen to the full version! The photos below are for the single’s art work and the list are all the songs of their new album coming out in April!

Kitten —> I’m so glad I found their music. Love the sound and the feeling it has! If you love Metric, Shiny Toy Guns or The Naked and Famous you’ll sure love this band!

My favorite song of them is Cut it out. Click below to see the video!


I may be short (5’2) but that won’t stop me from wearing a maxi skirt! I love them, I want to add few more to my collection, colorful ones for Spring & Summer time and a neutral one to pair with any color/style of top! I found a few pics via Pinterest of outfits I LOVED!

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Jordyn said...

I know what you mean about the Walking Dead. I had to watch it to see what all the hype was about and I'm hooked now! Just started it last Sunday and already all caught up on it!
I like your blog by the way, found it through Almost Endearing. I'll be coming back!

Nydia said...

Yeah for Walking Dead fans hahaha! I’m glad you stopped by! =)