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Tuesday, February 19

I wore this sequin heart sweater for V-Day and couldn't wait to wear it again! 

This time I styled it  with a pair of polkadot pants, wedges and added a pink blazer for a more finish-up look. I went with my husband for a lunch date and then watched the latest episodes of The Walking Dead (<— Guilty pleasure haha)! It’s a fun and girly outfit for a pretty normal day! Do you guys like it? Let me know!

Until next post,


PS: Don’t pay attention to my hair the wind was messing it all up! =P

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Chymere Anais said...

Very cute! The blazer gives the whole outfit a nice touch!

~Chymere A.

Eda. said...

Gorgeous shots darling, you look beautiful and I love the polka dot pants and pink blazer!

Eda x


Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I love the look and that sweater is to cute.
Almost Endearing

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

I looove those pants and your heart sequined top is so cute! And seriously Nydia, you have the best hair ever. I want it!



Southern (California) Belle

P.S. How do you like the Walking Dead so far? I'm getting bored, this season wasn't as good as last years!

Nydia said...

glad you liked it! =D

Nydia said...

I’m glad you liked the pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

Nydia said...

Thanks Carlee*

Nydia said...

The pants cost me only 10$ I was so excited about that bargain!

About The Walking Dead —> I just want the whole governor thing to be over, it makes me too mad! haha**