Caribbean Afternoons // A day in the life

Wednesday, January 17

Earlier this month Jay traveled to Puerto Rico to spent a few days at our home. It was his first time back after Hurricane María hit the Island. So it was a whole new experience for him, for us.

During his stay we had to schedule a visit to Old San Juan. We wanted to grab lunch at one of our favorite spots, Manolín for some yummy mofongo. But (obviously there is a but) once we arrived we noticed that most places had no electricity. Our whole plans for the day suddenly changed, so ... what did we do? We walked from street to street in search of which of our favorite spots were open. We found Café Cuatro Sombras was one of them. We had yummy café con leche, home made brownies  and sandwiches. We saw Librería laberinto bookstore opened so we did some book shopping there. We discovered Museo del libro (what a gorgeous place!).  It was an beautiful unplanned day, filled with a bit of chaos and happiness of the unknown. So here's to a life full of surprises, less expectations and more genuine moments.