First Day at Sea

Sunday, October 30

I was thinking about doing different posts during this week about my Birthday Dream Cruise Vacation (ps: the word dream is not an exaggeration, the cruise name  really is Dream =P).  First I will be writing about the pre-cruise moments as well as the first day at sea.

1) Thursday, Oct 13, 2011I don't know how, but I lost track of time the day I was supposed to be more aware of it and guess what happened?? We lost our flight! Their is a first time for everything, right?! But when life gives you lemons, you HAVE to make lemonade! So... Jay an I bought another flight with another airline just because the policy of our preferred airline sucks and they didn't had a flight departing to Orlando until the next day hahaha! No airline names will be mentioned in this post =P!

2) Friday, Oct 14, 2011We spent the day with Jayson's family and our friend Joseph. We went to the mall to shop for the last items before the cruise and later on we had some dinner. We finished the night early because we wanted to rest and leave everything ready to go for the next morning. 

3) Saturday, Oct 15, 2011: After a 40 minute drive to Port Canaveral and 50 minute line/check-in process, finally we were officially onboard! The first thing we did was see the room which was a cute inside cabin big enough for the two of us. About 2:30PM we were up in the highest deck watching the people around us, the ocean, the gray skies, the breeze caressing our faces. We had a big smile on our faces. Our adventure was about to begin! At 4 in the afternoon the ship set sail and we were on our way to one of the best weeks of our lives!
Outfit!: I cant post without telling you guys a little bit about my outfit!! I wanted to wear something cute and simple for the first day in the cruise! I wore blue Zara shorts, striped green and blue top from F21 and my adorable floppy hat =D

Until next post!


I'm Back*

Monday, October 24

I feel like I haven't posted for months!! I was officially disconnected from everything and everyone! I arrived yesterday from my Birthday Getaway! Oh! This trip was so unpredictable and fun!! I will explain every detail and show you the photos and videos very, very soon!! Thank God I don't work until Thursday so I have time to sleep, sleep and get used to the "normal" life haha =D

Keep you posted!


PS: Here I leave you with a sneak-peak of the photos!



All photographs were taken and edited by Nydia E. Mercado ©

Monday Books

One day I went to a bookstore wanting to find something amazing to read. Walking through the overwhelming amount of books, I couldn't find anything that caught my attention. So I went to this sales person (lol) and asked for  a recommendation and he showed me The Shadow of the Wind. He describe it, I took it, paid for it and now is one of my favorite books.