A day in the life: Last moments of July

Saturday, July 28

Flowers, shadows, cats and life...

This are some photos of simple, but important instances  lived during the month of July.

I decided to buy some flowers to add some life and color to my apartment. 
Can you believe this cat’s eyes??? 
Sitting down, but looking up
at Old San Juan Puerto Rico - Paseo de la Princesa
Shadow of trees - Old San Juan Puerto Rico / Paseo de la Princesa
Funniest picture ever!! My nephew at Chilis <3

Nautical Feeling

Sunday, July 22

This was yesterday’s outfit! It was a beautiful day, perfect to wear soft and pretty colors! I styled my Zara pink nautical shorts (also seen at this post) with a green mint striped top and heart shaped sunglasses. I really like wearing this type of outfits: comfortable, summery and girly!

Also, I wanted to show all of you out there a photo I took on my way home (last photo below) yesterday. I live near a Marina and eveveryday I get to see the ocean. Sometimes I forget that I live so close to it! I had to  share it with all of you, it just so beautiful! 

Hope you love the outfit and the view as well =P



Mint & Stripes

Friday, July 20

Hi everyone* =D

In about an hour  I’m leaving to  work at a wedding* I’m very excited and anxious! So I decided to write and post this photos before I leave! I wore this cute mint dress with my Forever 21 black and white striped blazer / jacket. As accessories a black and silver chain necklace and diferent colored bracelets! 

Until next post,

Wish me luck!




Wedding Photography by me*

Tuesday, July 17

I wanted to share with all of you some of the weddings I’ve photographed in the past. 
So I decided to do a collage!

 Working at weddings has allowed me to get to know so many people... 
so many couples full of love and desire to be together and 
begin a journey through life beside one another. 

I love being able to stop time in a unique and beautiful way. 
And I hope to get even better with time and experience!

For more photos and weddings you can visit my photography blog:



Orange Peplum

Saturday, July 14

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to share with all of you my latest outfit! I love wearing color so I decided to style this cute pair of floral print shorts with a orange peplum top. I really love peplum pieces, especially in tops and skirts =D. To finish the look I added my BCBG sunnies, white chunky necklace (one of my favorites) and wedges. 

Before I leave the blogging world to continue with my Saturday errands, I have two announcements! First I wanted to let you know that now agirlnamednydia is a .com ...  I’m so so happy and excited about that! And second.. I now have a Bloglovin account so all of you can follow me there as well! 

Have fun this weekend!




Wednesday, July 11

Hello Everyone,

I’m pretty excited today! Later in the afternoon I have a engagement photoshoot! Wish me the best!
But before that I wanted to post yesterday’s outfit! It’s a boho-chic look using earthy tones light brown, green and red as a pop of color. As well, I’m wearing a chunky rustic necklace with different sizes of .... may I say horns??? hahaha that give this simple outfit a certain type of uniqueness.

Happy Wednesday!

Until next post,



Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair

Yesterday I went to CVS with Jayson and while I was looking for food for my cute kitten, I lost him in less than one minute. Once I found him between the isles, he was immersed looking at the magazine section. I started to look at the magazines as well, and couldn't help but literally gasp when I saw Kristen Stewart at the cover of Vanity Fair. She looks incredibly stunning!! I have always said that she is one of the most photogenic people ever! She was photographed by the one and only Mario Testino at Paris wearing astonishing couture!

Here are some of the photos, my favorite ones is the black and white wearing the biggest earrings ever (lol) and the one she is standing at the glorious chandelier hallway!

Please click here so you can see some behind the scene moments!



PS: I never do this kind of post, but I hope you loved it!

Wedding Details & Color me blue*

Tuesday, July 10

This is what I wore past Sunday for a meeting I had with my wedding dress designer! I don’t know if I have mentioned that before. But yes... my wedding gown will be custom made by a designer which is one of my fiancee’s close friend!  GIRLS! You cannot understand my excitement. Since EVER I’ve been picturing myself with my dream dress and there was no way that I was going to find it by some miracle walking inside a store or at a boutique haha =D. It’s been a wonderful process working with Carla (please click here to visit her Facebook page) and everything has been more than I expected.

I wish I can post some photos so you can see the design and the fabrics but I can’t! Well... at least for now... I just want it to be a surprise for everyone!

Time truly flies and in just a few months I will be showing you every detail of my wedding <3  

PS —> I love this outfit especially my NEW BLUE WEDGES!!! The mix of prints and unexpected colors makes it ver very adorable and flirty!

Until next post everyone!



BBQ Time*

Tuesday, July 3

This Summer 2012 has been one to remember. I feel truly blessed to be enjoying all the beautiful days of the past few weeks with my friends and family! Here are some photos of a BBQ day under the Puerto Rican sun <3

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s —> Outfit Post!!!

Night, night...