Friday, August 31

Today is a bright and beautiful Friday! Perfect to go to the beach or just get dressed in lots of colors and hang out with family or friends. Right now I have soooo many things in my schedule. And none of them include beach or tanning lol! First I have to wash my car, my little vintage thing needs loving! Then I have to WORK, EDIT, WORK on a few weddings and photoshoots I have done in the past couple of weeks!! And also... I have to continue organizing my own wedding. Having a lot to do is great but sometimes I get all confused and worried and stressed out! Oh... the adult life... how much I love you!

Do you feel this way sometimes???



PS: I loved this outfit! So simple but colorful and fun, very me =D!!!

Until the last moment

Friday, August 24

I really like long skirts. (I’m really petite only 5’2, but that doesn’t stop me =P) And this one has been my favorite for Summer days!!! For transitioning to fall, I will be “styling it” with darker colored tops. For this outfit, I went for a boho vibe with a black lace top from Zara and accessories from Forever 21. The choice of lip color, a very deep / dark tone, gave a special touch to the look!

Hope all of you enjoy this look,

Happy Friday everyone!



PS: My sister gave birth to my new nephew. He’s name is Alejandro, and he’s so tiny and cute! I’m so happy! 

Mr. Rain

Thursday, August 23

A white button-up shirt is a great piece of clothing everyone should have in their wardrobe! Because of it’s simplicity/versatility, it can go from business to casual very easily. 

I love feeling comfortable but chic at the same time. Here (as you can see on the photos below) I went for a simple look! I styled this HM top with a black and white horizontal striped high-waisted shorts from Mango, brown belt and big heart shaped earrings!

While I was taking this photos I had to put my hair up in a bun, it was way to hot!

Hope you like it,



PS: There is a tropical storm really near Puerto Rico. It’s kinda scary and weird just to wait for what’s going to happen! Let’s hope for the best.

Currently Obsessed with ...

Tuesday, August 21

I couldn't contain my excitement when The Hunger Games movie came out on DVD last Saturday. Yes... I am one of those who is obssesed with Katniss Everdeen lol... If you've been following my blog for a while now you must know that I love The Hunger Games books.

I’ve seen it two times already... I’m such a nerd!

I can’t wait for the release of the second book of the trilogy of Mara Dyer: The Evolution of Mara Dyer which comes out in October 23rd! At least I got to read the first chapter thanks to a sneak peek offered by MTV! So happy for that!

Also, with all this buzz about Fifty Shades of Grey, I couldn't help but read this most talked about trilogy. I would classify it as a "naughty book”, it’s badly written and the ending is awful, just awful... I’m a true believer of reading things before criticizing them, so here I am saying is pretty bad haha… A trilogy wasn’t necessary for this empty story, it doesn’t make any sense and I had lots of lose ends. SO there you go, read it or not, it wouldn’t change anything in your life (except a few hours lost! haha)

Currently I'm loving floral print tops. I think their very feminine and easy to dress up or down with skirts or shorts. I have two new ones that I’m very excited to wear.

As well, now that  fall is approaching and even though here in Puerto Rico we don’t feel the seasons change at all, except for the hurricanes and heat waves haha. A pair of cute ankles boots couldn't hurt!  They have been in the top of my wish list recently, and I would love to style them with light pieces such as dresses and skirts!

I’m loving the following songs! Right now I’m into upbeat/fun music. Some may be old or new for you guys, but that's the beauty of music... there is always some new sound, lyric, song to discover.

1) The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling

2) Pink - Blow me one last kiss*

2) Cider Sky - Northern Lights

Favorite blog:
I NEED to tell all of you about Humans of New York! I discovered it recently thanks to my friend YĆ©sica who shared this blog at her facebook page!

Brandon Staton- THE  photographer behind Humas of New York captures interesting people that he encounters walking the streets of this incredible city. It’s so amazing to watch how with each of these photographs the city reflects it's great diversity of cultures and faces full of stories.

I LOVE IT! Hope you get a chance, to fall in love with it as well!

Please click here to watch a video about Humans of New York.

Flower Power

Saturday, August 18

Hello Everyone*

I couldn't wait to wear my floral print pants again! The last time I wore them I styled them with a floppy hat, a simple gray tee and flats. This time I decided to give them a “twist" wearing them with layered pieces and higher shoes =D**

When I’m using statement pieces, such as this cool pants, I try to keep the rest of the outfit simple. Using solid colors but in interesting pieces. This denim button-up shirt over my high/low peach top (also seen in this post) gives a carefree/casual feel to the outfit. As finishing touches, I added big cat-eye sunglasses, tear-drop earrings, black wedges and a messy side braid.

What do you think about this casual fun look for Summer?

Until next post,



What I wore for work: Stripes


Thursday, August 16

Hello Everyone!

I’ve been wanting to wear this beautiful long sleeved top from Forever 21 since I bought it, but the August heat wave has prevented me of doing so =(  !!!!   Yesterday the day was between rain showers and rays of sun, so I decided to wear it in a very simple & neutral way. I styled the top with my lace shorts from Zara, cute BCBGeneration platforms (which you have seen before =D) and added playful details such as pink lips and clubmaster Ray Ban sunnies. I love that the outfit is all in the same color palette / tones. It’s really fresh and crisp!

Hope you love it!



PS: I’m so excited that September is approaching. That means A Girl Named Nydia will soon be a year old! Being part of the blogging world has been  a very fun journey. I love it, and my passion for it grows every day a little bit more!

Tweed and Denim*

Thursday, August 9

Guest Blogger: Teresa from Trend-ish

When I started blogging, after a while I started think...  I should not be the only Puerto Rican girl blogging about fashion and style!?! So I set a personal goal (hahaha) —> to find bloggers of my gorgeous Caribbean Island. In that journey, one of the first (if not the first) girls I encountered was Teresa the creater and mega-mind behind: Trend-ish!

Revolution Organics - All-Over Body Balm: Review!

Saturday, August 4

Swirls of Colors

The other day I was hanging out with my big sis, we were eating at a local mexican restaurant and after that she wanted me to go with her to Kmart! I found myself looking at the clothing racks and for my surprise I found this beautiful colorful printed skirt for only $9.00!! I couldn't wait to wear it! So I styled it with tones of orange corals and hues of blue. I created a very bright and bold outfit using simple ruffled top, a cute light blue necklace and my now favorites shoes (are all from Forever 21).

This may be other of my summer favorites so far!

Always remember...  Is not always what your wearing, is how your are wearing it!

Happy Weekend!