Leather & Denim

Wednesday, October 31

This was yesterday’s outfit. I decided to wear one of my birthday presents from my friend Lianne. A fabulous denim/leather jacket! I adore the neckline and side pockets. It’s THE perfect casual jacket for Fall! Can’t wait to wear it with a dress! 

As you can see on the photos, the outfit is  pretty casual. But the choice of textures (denim/leather), lip color (red) and hairstyle (high-bun) the attire turns out to be more playful and edgy!

My engagement photoshoot is today. I’m so excited, I can’t even sleep! haha
Hoping everything turns out great! I have a great team of friends working with us.

I would tell you guys later how it turned out and maybe show you some photos as well!



Halloween Birthday Celebration

Last week I celebrated my 25th Birthday! I took a few photos of my Halloween Themed Party and I wanted to share them with all of you!! 

I had a lot of fun! And I can only thank my friends and family for being there with me!


Until next post,


Huntington & Long Beach: California Diaries

Wednesday, October 17

Hello Everybody!

I’m now writing form Puerto Rico* Feels good to be back home. My lack of posts is due to the fact of very bad WiFi signal haha. During the following days I will finish posting my California trip photos and doing some outfits posts as well!

Soooo, more about my trip...

On  Sunday, October 7 I went to Huntington Beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunny California day! I really loved being there, it had a fun and playful atmosphere.  I got to see everybody with their favorite football team shirts, riding bikes, playing volleyball and surfing in the Pacific coast. 

Later that day, we visited Long Beach and ate some pizza.  After that we walked along the Marina/Bay area. The sunset was perfect, with pink and purple skies. It got chilly so I was happy I had my cardigan and floral print scarf.

I hope all of you enjoy the photos! Next post will be about my visit to San Diego.



Currently Obsessed with...

Monday, October 1


The second season of New Girl started last tuesday and I am very excited about it! I don’t watch a lot of TV but this show is so worth my time. I saw the first two episodes with my sister and my fiancee and we laughed from start to finish. Zooey and the guys are so talented, love them!


On the past few years I've always tend to love Spring and Summer trends more just because of the “Forever Sunny” weather of my Island. But the last few days I’ve been to some stores and I just can’t take the beautiful Fall/Winter pieces they have! Black, red, burgundy, white, and navy are taking over! And they are so fabulously chic!

My favorite styles I’ve seen are: 
feathers dresses/ skirts, peplum and beaded pieces!

Beaded Dress         Burgundy Shoes          Feather Dress         Peplum Skirt  


Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch: Sweet Nothing

Ellie Goulding - Anything could happen

(the video is kinda weird, but the song is awesome!)


My wedding is almost 2 months away and I’ve been nonstop looking at my favorites wedding blogs!
One of them is Ruffed Blog! What I love about it its all the cute DIY projects and great vintage inspired weddings! It’s AMAZING for all those creative and picky brides like me =D!

Favorite Photo

Jose Villa is a genius! (He’s my FAVORITE photographer!)

The lighting in this photo is just breathtaking!