Him & Me*

Wednesday, February 27

Yesterday was my husband’s 26th birthday! We took several photos before going out for some lunch.
I wanted to feature Jayson all dressed up with the two gifts I gave him:  a bold striped shirt and denim jacket =D!  I also decided to wear something cute, simple and casual for his birthday! A gorgeous coral colored maxi skirt with a graphic tee, wedges and statement necklace.

What do you think of our look? Let me know =)

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A Day in the Life: Guilligan Island

Hide & Seek

Thursday, February 21

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are enjoying your day. This was yesterday’s outfit. Jay and I had an early dinner and then went on a search for a denim jacket. His been craving one since is going to be his birthday soon! He found one and I’m going to convince him on taking a few pics for my blog haha... Anyway, I wore my forest green top (again!) as a layer (again!) with a H&M denim dress (oldie, glad I kept it!) and my new lace-up wedges. As accessories a brown belt (to accentuate the waist) and my horn F21 necklace.  I LOVED this look, is fun, pretty & edgy —> perfect combo!

 What do you think? Let me know!

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PS: Thanks for all your comments, I read them all and they make me happy xo

I heart you

Tuesday, February 19

I wore this sequin heart sweater for V-Day and couldn't wait to wear it again! 

This time I styled it  with a pair of polkadot pants, wedges and added a pink blazer for a more finish-up look. I went with my husband for a lunch date and then watched the latest episodes of The Walking Dead (<— Guilty pleasure haha)! It’s a fun and girly outfit for a pretty normal day! Do you guys like it? Let me know!

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PS: Don’t pay attention to my hair the wind was messing it all up! =P

My Valentine’s Day*

Sunday, February 17

For V-Day I did follow two of my suggestions from my what to do for Valentine’s Day post! The first was to decorate my space with hearts and lots of beautiful tones of red and pink. I also made dinner for two & tried to bake a cake (lol —> not much of a cooker that’s one of my 2013 goals). After dinner Jay and me watched The Perks of being a Wallflower. Such a great movie, truly recommend it!

For some weird reason I didn’t carry my camera on Valentines’ Day that’s why you don’t see outfit pictures on this post =( But I did get to take a photo of my heart sweater via Instagram, isn't it cute!? 

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Pre-Valentines Look

Thursday, February 14

Here I present my Pre-Valentines day look! I had this outfit hanging on my closet for a few days and couldn’t wait to wear it. I loooove the mix of the toughness of the black leather jacket with the “girlyness" of the pleated gold skirt! The white top neutralizes the look and the pop of red in my lips is the perfect finishing touch! I had lunch with Jay and the mom of his best friend at a mexican restaurant yesterday, then went to buy a few movies to watch today: Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got Mail a few of our favorites! I’m going to stop writing because I have to bake some cupcakes and I’m a bit late haha..

Happy Valentines!



Fall in LOVE with...

Tuesday, February 12

Searching for an outfit to wear for Valentines?! 
Here are three ideas on what to wear!

The first outfit is a classic red dress with a vintage vibe, really simple & cute! The second look is more casual and fun, mixing polka dots with a graphic tee, adding some color with a peach cardigan and chunky necklace. And last but not least an classic black and white outfit with adorbale accessories such as a heart clutch and bowler hat!

What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

Let me know!

Vintage with red Outfit #1: 

Polka dots with a twist Outfit #2: 

Classic Black & White Outfit #3:
Platform Black Sandal / Heart Glitter Clutch

What to do for Valentine’s Day?

Thursday, February 7

Here are a few creative ideas on what to do to celebrate Valentines Day! 
Hope you like them



Falling for Mint

Tuesday, February 5

Hello my loves!

Hope all of you are having an amazing Tuesday! 

This mint lace romper is my favorite clothing item of the moment!! Isn’t it adorable? Forever 21 had it also in a beautiful coral color, but I’m a sucker for anything mint so had to buy it! =) I went for simple outfit: pair of flats (the ones I used for my wedding reception<3), beige cardigan, turquoise necklace & the red lips! 

In other matters, I’m pretty excited for Valentine’s Day this year and I have a few posts for inspiration to come! Hope you have the time to visit the first one: Heart Shaped Everything.

PS: The last pictures is the new addition to our family! Isn’t he the cutest?

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