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Sunday, April 21


Here is a list of some of the songs I’m obsessing lately! I just choose a few because I will soon be making my Summer 2013 playlist (click here for last year’s list)  

Aquí el listado de canciones que he tenido en repetición en los últimos días (pronto les estaré haciendo el playlist de verano =D, opriman aquí para escuchar el del 2012 )

Can this song get anymore awesome? / ¿Puede está canción gustarme más? No creo jaja

I’ve always said that her voice, either you like it or not. But she’s so unique that I can’t help but love her music. / Su voz es única, y aunque tiene influencias de dubstep, esta canción es una de mis preferidas de ella.

Have you ever heard a song that makes feel like in a scene of a movie? Well, for me, this is one of those songs /  
¿Han escuchado alguna vez esas canciones que te hacen sentir como en una película? Pues, para mí, está es una de ellas.


The Vampire Diarie’s has been for quite a while one of my favorite TV series. Unfortunately, I suck with television schedules, so I tend to see them after they have begun. They're currently in season 4 and during the past week I’ve been catching up with the episodes = D If you never heard of it before I’m just going so say that if your into super dramatic series, with unexpected twists and mythological beings you should tune in! Without forgetting that this guy is one of the main characters... no big deal haha (but if you’re not into the vampire thing please ignore me haha) 

The Vampire Diarie’s: Ha sido desde hace un tiempo una de mis series preferidas. Lamentablemente soy pésima con los horarios televisivos, así que tiendo a ver las series a mi tiempo. En estos momentos están en el season 4 y he estado viendo los episodios poco a poco =D Me gustaría explicarles de que trata brevemente pero ha pasado tanto desde el inicio que no hay explicación que valga!  Pero si les digo que si gustan de series súper drámaticas, con giros inesperados y de seres mitológicos deberían verla!


When I saw the trailer of Catching Fire I almost cried! (I'm exaggerating ... just a little haha). This is my favorite book  from the series by Suzanne Collins. I can’t wait to see the big screen adaptation. Now we just have to wait until November =)

Catching Fire cuando vi el avance de Catching Fire casi lloré de la emoción (estoy exagerando un poco... sólo un poco jaja). De la serie de Suzanne Collins este es mi libro favorito. No puedo esperar a ver la adaptación en la pantalla grande. Ahora falta esperar hasta noviembre =)


Gone Girl  (thriller/suspense)  I have never read a book quite like this before The author Gillian Flynn has an incredible way for words, I couldn’t literally let go of the book. It gives you the sensation that you can’t sleep without knowing the truth! It’s about the disappearance of Amy, Nick’s gorgeous and almost perfect wife, in the afternoon of their wedding anniversary. Nick’s behavior and lack of concern is very suspicious throughout the investigation, making him the prime suspect. But is he really involved in what's happening? The chapters are divided by the present time and past entries from Amy’s diary. Trust me... it has one of best twists ever! You will be saying: WHAT? Is this really happening?!

Gone Girl (novela de suspenso) es una de mis recientes lecturas. No había leído un libro como éste anteriormente. Es de la escritora Gillian Flynn, quien tiene un toque increíble para las palabras. Literalmente no podía dejar a un lado el libro. Te quita el sueño, no puedes dormir sin conocer la verdad de lo que está sucediendo! Se trata de Amy, la esposa hermosa y "perfecta" de Nick quien desaparece en la tarde de su quinto aniversario de boda. El comportamiento de Nick y su falta de preocupación lo convierten en el principal sospechoso durante la investigación. Pero, ¿está realmente involucrado? Los capítulos se dividen entre el presente y entradas pasadas del diario de Amy. Confía en mí ... tiene un giro extremadamente inesperado! Mientras lees dirás: ¿Cómo!? ¿Esto está sucediendo realmente?! 

Wedding Tips!

Saturday, April 6

On my December Summer post I told you guys I was going to do a Wedding tips post so here it is:

Are you currently engaged? Are you planning your wedding and don’t know where to start? Well then, if your answer is yes here are some tips from me, a newlywed and wedding photographer for all you out there.

1) Define the type of wedding you want!
Maybe you want a small backyard ceremony? Contemplating the idea of a destination wedding? Or like we did: a themed wedding! The most important thing is that you & your fianceé decide on how you want that special day to be.

2) Do collages, find inspiration!
Divide it by categories: dress, centerpieces/flowers, bouquet, decor. This will help you know the styles you like! But pay attention: You have to stop searching eventually. The collages are to guide and help you have clear ideas, not to get you overwhelmed or confused! 

Pinterest is a great place to search and create your boards, so go ahead create an account =D

This was  the collage I made to serve as inspiration for my candy bar!

3) Define your budget.
Sadly, you spend a good amount of money on a wedding, no matter how small it is. SO its super important to think on how much $$$ are you willing to invest. And remember, buy what REALLY matters for you and fiancée. If youre the type of couple that prefers a small wedding and a big honeymoon or maybe to have your favorite photographer capture the unique moments and cut on the flowers: Go ahead! Don’t think about it twice. Do want makes both of you happy!

My dress was made from scratch and I was willing to pay a bit more! I didn’t pay for a wedding coordinator because our wedding was small and we had a lot of help from our family and friends. 

4) Understand that the wedding preparation usually is more important for the girls/women!
I’m not saying that he doesn’t care. Obsvouilsy he does, he proposed!! Is just that we pay more attention to things they don’t really understand. Shoes, accesories, dresses, flowers, cake, etc! So... be patient. I was fortunate enough that Jayson was very helpful and involved in every aspect but sometimes he didn’t understand why I wanted peonies instead of roses for my bouquet hahaha..

5) Remember that the wedding is about the TWO of you! 
A lot of people are going to  give you opinions. Like: “That’s too much money for a dress!” “Are you sure you want to do the ceremony outdoors?"  Please don’t turn bridezella on them! You have to listen and respect others opinion but always go with your instinct and stay true to your vision!

6) DIY Projects 
This is the best way to have a personalized wedding. And it feels very fulfilling to see everything on your wedding day and knowing it has a piece of everyone who helped on the process. It’s not simply something you bought, but something that was created with love and lots of work! 

Ruffled is a great wedding blog with beautiful DIY projects that would definitely inspire you!

This was the result of our backdrop before placing it in the candy buffet area.
We bought all the laces in a bunch of stores, did the paper wheels and the Love is Sweet banner as well!

Thanks to my little knowledge of Illustrator/Indesign I was able to do my wedding invite inspired by our theme: vintage circus!

7) Forget about everything that didn’t go as planned!
Some small details may not go the way you want. Maybe the cake wasn’t ordered exactly as you wanted or the bridesmaids dressess were not the perfect color! Remember to not let anything small ruin your day. Don’t over think the negative! At the end of the day what matters is the celebration of the love you have for one another.

Hope this helps all of you bride-to-be gals out there!

OH! And  this are also great wedding websites! 
(great for wedding décor, engagement session ideas and isnpiration in general!)

Quería escribirlo también en español pero sabía que se iba hacer demasiado largo, disculpen chicas!