Wednesday, January 30

I’m a sucker for colorful clothes! When I saw the top you see in the pictures below I had to buy it. The red, pink and white combination is truly adorable. It reminds me a lot of Valentines, which is just around the corner! Do you gals have anything planned out yet!? This will be the first Valentine Jayson and I will celebrate as newlyweds. We usually are pretty mellow about it, but this year for some reason I’m excited! Chocolates, love notes & dinner? Doesn’t sound bad at all hahaha... I want to wear something girly & vintage inspired! Maybe I will do a post with a few V-Day inspirations!

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Guest Blogger: Southern California Belle

Monday, January 28

Every now and then I do a feature of a blogger that I really enjoy reading and feel inspired with! In this occasion I asked the gorgeous redhead Ashley from  Southern California Belle to appear here at A girl named Nydia. She was very sweet and happy about  it and I, of course, feel very honored to have this stylish and sweet wife to be at my blog! 

Sugar & Lights

Wednesday, January 23

On the previous post: Off to the roads, I mentioned that I bought a sweater and a denim top at a buy one and get one free sale at Pac Sun. So here it is! I decided to use is as a layer with a simple gray top, aztec print skirt, and to add a contrast a bright blue bag & shoes! I did not take a lot of outfit pictures, but with these few ones you can see the whole outfit and hopefully be inspired. 

Below I posted some random moments of the day. Wanted to show you my second favorite icecream: nutella & chocolate (the first being cheesecake ice-cream with blue berries & strawberries... yummy =D!) And the other one, is me trying to see normal things in life in a new way... in this case, cars lights blurred out. 

Hope all of you like the outfit and the pictures,

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A day in the life: Black & White

Tuesday, January 22

It’s truly amazing how a walk on the beach holding the hand of your loved one can make everything in life seem in balance and just good. Between footprints, shadows and watermarks I had the blessing of taking these photos, keeping the memory of this day forever.


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Currently obsessed with...

Monday, January 21


A few weeks back, on a boring weeknight, Jayson his sister Dacil and I started to look for something to watch via Netflix. We came across The Walking Dead and I said: "I want to know what the fuzz is all about!  After five minutes if it’s not interesting we'll change it!” After Dacil’s approval and Jayson’s complaints we started to watch it and immediately became obssesed with it!! I know that the Zombie thing may sound weird, or even wrong, but I can deny it... is truly awesome! Can’t wait for February when Season 3 returns to TV! ( I can’t believe I’m saying that hahaha)


Paramore is releasing their new single TOMORROW! It’s called Now, Hayley (the main singer of the band ) posted a video at her tumblr  with a preview of the song! I just can’t wait to listen to the full version! The photos below are for the single’s art work and the list are all the songs of their new album coming out in April!

Kitten —> I’m so glad I found their music. Love the sound and the feeling it has! If you love Metric, Shiny Toy Guns or The Naked and Famous you’ll sure love this band!

My favorite song of them is Cut it out. Click below to see the video!


I may be short (5’2) but that won’t stop me from wearing a maxi skirt! I love them, I want to add few more to my collection, colorful ones for Spring & Summer time and a neutral one to pair with any color/style of top! I found a few pics via Pinterest of outfits I LOVED!

Off to the roads

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are doing well!!

My laptop charger broke last week! As you can imagine it felt weird not to be able to edit pics or post at my blog for quite a few days! So I was glad a dear friend let me borrow his charger until the new one arrives =) . Now I’m happy to say that I can share all the new outfits and photos I have for the blog!


The other day I went to PacSun to see if anything caught my attention and they had a buy one get one free sale on selected items! I saw this gorgeous oversized black sweater and I loved it instantly ( I also bought a long sleeved denim top, posting it soon!) The studs are adorable and is not heavy so is perfect for windy/nice weather days. To style it, I went for super casual all black look with my pair of leather shorts, flats & ray ban sunglasses!

The last pictures are a few special moments of my date with Jay =)!




Lace & Pearls: Wedding dress

Sunday, January 6

Like I promised on previous posts, I wanted to take the time and show all of you a few images of the wedding process, in this case of my wedding dress creation.

For me, my gown was the easiest and least stressful thing about the whole wedding. I always had a clear idea of what I wanted: A lace &  backless long sleeve gown in a light cream color. Thank God for Carla (my dress designer) she was sweet, patient and understood my view from day one! She chose all of the fabrics, and I fell in love with every single one of them, all were simply beautiful. The lace (for the upper part of the dress: front, back and arms) was covered with pearls which gave a feminine touch and antique look. I wanted to be able to move and dance with ease so the skirt was flowy and light.  

She also did my headpiece and my capelette that replaced the vail. But, my favorite part of the dress was the little surprise I had for Jayson. I asked Carla do to our initials N & J on one of the arms. It was super cute detail and everyone (specially Jay) loved it!

Makeup and hair done! About to get married!
Everything turned out better than I imagined. I can truly say that I had my dream dress !

What do you guys think, let me know!



PS: I will show you pics of my shoes, clutch and accessories soon!