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Whenever I want to get a new pair of unique earrings or a beautiful statement necklace Baublebar is definitely my favorite place to shop. They offer everything in jewelry from rings, bracelets, ear jackets, to personalized pieces. What I love about Baublebar is their fast shipping and cute packaging. Each piece comes in their own bag to protect them from damaging. Also, if you sign up, every dollar you spend you can earn/accumulate points which can be use as discount for future purchases. 

Shipment: A week

ZeroUV is the best site for the coolest and most inexpensive sunglasses ever. They have so many styles available: aviators, cat-eye, oversized, everything. Best Part: All sunnies are under 12$ and the shipping is free! Seriously, can it get any better!? You can se some of the styles I own here and here

I’ve been subscribed to Shoedazzle for a few years now. If you haven’t heard of it yet it's basically an online shoe/bag store (they incorporated clothing recently) which you pay with a monthly subscription fee. I have the $10 month/charge which works great for me because I’m not a compulsive shoe buyer haha… I let it accumulate until I see something I really like! You can see some of my purchases herehere and here.

Sadly, they no longer offer de $10 subscription only the $39.95 which you can accumulate for purchases or “skip the month” to not be charged. It's great to have if you’re a shoe-obssesed type of gal!

Shipment: Downside, when I lived in Puerto Rico the shipment took forever. Last time it took almost a month to get my boots, but I still love them! 

Asos is by far my favorite online shop. They have everything a girl can ever need! From bags, shoes, hats, accessories, dresses, you name it! I love that you can personalize searches by brands, size, color and prince range; perfect for any type of budget! The best part is the videos available of their clothing items. Let’s face it, photos sometimes can be a tad too perfect, but in video you get a much better look of the fabric, see how the garment fits and flows.

TIP: Asos is a UK online shop so make sure to change the type of currency available in your country. Also, don’t forget to verify the size guide to choose yours correctly. 

Shippping Time: Free shipping after 40$ . Takes about a week and a half / Two weeks.


Get PayPal!
In whichever site you decide to purchase, make sure to protect your credit card or bank account with PayPal. This will allow you to checkout without sharing your credit-card number or personal information. Click here to get more info on how to create your own Pay-Pal account.

Always, always read the reviews
It’s great when you get the customers side on an item. You can see if the item is similar to the one presented in the images or if it runs true to size.

Thanks to social media, some websites like Baublebar and Asos present real people wearing the products which helps make a better decision of your purchase!

Hope this helps!
Shop away,

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