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Tuesday, July 18

One of the hardest things about moving away from home is going back constantly for work and not being able to stay. Jayson and me have learned to love a city (Orlando, FL) that is so different from our Puerto Rico. But the truth is: we do miss a great amount of it. From our family, to seeing my nephews grow up, how people enjoy life, the mountains, picking up mangos from the patio and not having to buy them, taking Guiffi to the beach, buying an huge avocado from the street, having a tropical forest 20 minutes away, my mother's food and of course, the extremely good cup of café con leche (haha). Some may think: Why? Why does she miss a place where the reality is that everything is going downward? And sadly, yes, this is true. We were a victim of it. Politics, corruption, an injustice (like in many countries) can push you away from what you love in search of what you need. (Knowing that the government has the effect in your life sucks!) In order of doing what's best for us and our future sacrifices were part of it.

Life is like that. It can give and take, and is in that in-between is where we find happiness.
That's why everytime I visit I share the beauty of it all. The coffee shops, the restaurants, the views, the colors, the beaches; because that is what Puerto Rico means to me. That is how a I see, live and love my Island. A paradise that no matter where I live I will call my forever home.


Here are a few images from el Bosque Seco at the south part of Puerto Rico!
Hope they inspire.

Until next post,

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Yésica Isabel said...

Te quiero mucho Nydia!

Panty Buns said...

I love the aqua colour, soft and flowy look of the fabric, the ruffle detail, and look of the front closure of your dress. I also love the scenic settings for your outfit photos - the hilly terrain, long dry grass, tall cacti, and trees in the background.
The huge avocado and the coffee sound good.
I was curious whether you had ever hear Residente speak on the subject of politics?
I listened to a him speaking in a video (now removed) leading up to his introduction of Bernie Sanders at a rally in South Bronx, NY.
P.S.: I just watched two of your YouTube videos "Rainforest Roadtrip // Let us be Tropical" and "SUMMER 2017 // Let us be Tropical by A girl named Nydia" :)


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