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Wednesday, May 6

Some days begin with a few bumps on the road, that’s why it is essential to always stay optimistic. Seeing life in a positive light can change dramatically how things turn out.  If I’m sincere, this day began a bit strange. Small unfortunate events reduced our south bound road trip to just a couple of hours,  but let me tell you: what an adventure it was! We saw the gorgeous mountains during sunset. Stopped near the highway to dance. Enjoyed the captivating colors of the town of Ponce. The doors and lovely vintage ornaments had us taking photos for quite a while. We love a good pizza so we ate at Campioni Pizza Birra & Tapas. We ordered two pizzas and ate them in five minutes hahha… We had a bit a space for dessert and went to this famous place in front of the town’s Plaza where they sale natural fruit ice-cream. I had a combination of tamarind and coconut, pure perfection!

Algunos días comienzan con algunos tropiezos en el camino, por eso es esencial para mantenerse siempre optimista. Ver la vida desde una perspectiva positiva puede cambiar dramáticamente nuestro destino. Si les soy sincera, este día comenzó un poco extraño. Nuestra aventura hacia el sur de la Isla se redujo a sólo un par de horas. Pero qué aventura fue! Vimos las hermosas montañas durante el atardecer. Las coloridas calles de Ponce, sus puertas y ornamentos nos tuvieron tomando fotografías sin parar. Comimos deliciosa pizza y como postre, helado natural de frutas. 
Ordené de coco y tamarindo = pura perfección!
Cherish everyday like a gift. I will always be thankful for moment’s like this. Sharing my time with my family is a true blessing. So for today (and always) I encourage all of you to spent  time with loved ones. Invest your time in what’s truly important.  Seek adventure. Go chase the sun.
until next post,

Cada día es un regalo. Compartir tiempo con mi familia es una verdadera bendición Así que para hoy (y siempre) les animo a pasar a tiempo con los seres queridos. Busquen aventura. Creen memorias!
hasta la próxima,

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