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Monday, April 4

Hello my people! 
Sorry for my absence. I was extremely sick and stuck to my bed for the past week! But thanks to the perfect remedy of hours (days) of sleep, medicine and Netflix I'm back with a new outfit post for you girls! 

Hola a todos!
Disculpen mi ausencia por la pasada semana. Acabo de recuperarme ya que estuve sumamente enferma durante la pasada semana! Les tengo varios atuendos que compartir, aquí el primero!!
I've been in the search of the perfect patched top or jacket. I recently found this gray pullover sporting the trend from Forever 21. In between all the cute patches of ice-cream, banana and hearts, I found a pizza slice people, a PIZZA SLICE!!! Enough said, I had to get it haha… These type of pieces instantly look so laid-back and silly, but in a good way. For a day filled with coffee and food with the hubs I styled it with a short corduroy skirt and comfy high-top Converse sneakers. I added a touch of extra quirkiness with the box clutch, red lip and big earrings. 

Adding pins or patches to a top or a denim jacket sounds like the perfect DIY project. 
Would you do it? Would you wear this trend? 
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Una tendencia que he decidió intentar es la de los parchos. Recientemete adquirí en Forever 21 un top de mangas largas gris con distintos diseños incluyendo mi favorito: pizza! Para ir a tomar café y almorzar con mi esposo Jay combiné la tan adorable pieza con falda corta, zapatillas negras y más detalles interesantes con el bolso de mano y enormes aretes!

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Carmen said...

I really love that sweater and also how you combined it! I only just rediscovered your blog after some years and I think it has become even nicer than it already was back then! Definitely following on Bloglovin now :)

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