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Saturday, June 17

Hello Everyone!
It's been a while since I shared photos or outfits with you all. Usually this is the part where I say  sorry about the lack of posts but I have to admit, it's been good to have taken a break. Sometimes we all need to step back from things, even if it is to clear our minds, set new goals or find new purposes. 

 To tell you a little about what I've been doing, for the past couple of weeks I've been in Puerto Rico working on engagement sessions and weddings. My eyes hurt from staring at my computer screen way too much haha... But, those days when I decide to take a break from the constant editing I head  straight to the beach! 

For this day I went in the early afternoon to La Pared in Luquillo which is known more as a surfers beach. Me and my sister in law Dacil just sat in the sand under the palm trees, sharing stories and taking lots of photos!

Love to have fun with my swimwear during summer! 
Got this pink ice-cream patch suit at Forever 21, isn't it adorable?

I've been taking photos of my recent adventures and I'll be posting them on the following days. Hope it inspires you to get out there and enjoy Summer (or just life in general)! 
More tropical photos soon,

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