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Wednesday, August 28

Chateau de Versailles is one of those places that you have to be there.... be present to feel and appreciate the beauty of it. This infamous palace (besides it’s not so pretty history) is by no mistake a gorgeous work of art. We went for approximately two hours and a half but you really need an entire day to see the palace, especially the gardens which are for me the best part of the Chateau. You can get lost in the labyrinths that hide magical places such as fountains, ballrooms and even other palaces like Trianon / Marie Antoinette’s estate. Later that day we went back to the city and visited Jardin de Tuileries (one of my favorite places in the world <3), the Eiffel Tower (again) and Montmartre but those photos are coming up tomorrow!

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El Palacio de Versalles es uno de esos lugares el cual tienes estar presente para realmente apreciar su belleza. Este famoso lugar, a pesar de la no tan bonita historia que tiene, es simplemente una obra de arte. Jayson y yo estuvimos de visita por aproximadamente dos horas y media, pero realmente necesitas un día entero para poder apreciar el palacio con detenimiento y sus jardines que para mi son lo mejor del Palacio. Puedes perderte en sus laberintos que esconden mágicos lugares, fuentes, salones de baile y otros palacios como Trianon. Durante la tarde visitamos el Jardín de Tuileries, la Torre Eiffel (de nuevo jaja) y Montmartre, pero esas fotos se las muestro mañana!

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Unknown said...

Ay, Bello Bello todo :)

Simone said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful! Love them.


Simona said...

So stunning pictures Nydia, you had to enjoy it! :)

Carmen said...

I´ve been to Versailles, too but in winter and it was so cold! I really wanna go back there in summer or spring :) Again really cute pics dear!

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