Thursday, August 28

Want to make your everyday looks more fun? 
Here are my FOUR favorite ways to boost up an outfit!

#1 Mix texture and prints

This may be the trickiest one of the four. It can go totally right or be a complete disaster. Either way, just take the risk! When mixing keep a color palette, no more than three colors. Start with neutrals so you can get a hang of it. Also, choose prints that don’t fight with one another. For example, leopard and stripes usually look awesome together!

Examples of mixing texture and prints: here, here and here.

#2 Frost Yourself with Accessories:

Statement Jewelry
Make your favorite monotone color outfit pop with awesome arm candy or with my personal favorite... a big beautiful statement necklace. If your prefer smaller pieces, layer them: like the picture above. Where to shop? I recommend Baublebar!! Is my favorite online jewelry shop!

I'm a hat lover. And I wish a had a huge collection of them! But a have my basics such as a black fedora hat for a boho style and a bowler hat for a vintage feel! And a tip...  they are great to hide your not so good hair days haha…

#3 Add Color

Don’t be afraid to wear bold colors! I’m a huge fan of wearing vibrant blues and lovely floral prints but if your not a fan you can always add a great pink o red to your: makeup (like nails or lips) handbag or shoes!  You can be wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cool graphic tee but by adding that splash of color  it would definitely change the vibe of your entire outfit! 

#4 Layer it, Girl!:

Jackest/Blazers/Kimonos/Cardigans... you name it! There’s something about adding a layer to an outfit that makes it more complete, more chic and dressier.

These are not rules, just suggestions based upon my preferences. You can always style and match however you feel or like! I can easily wear prints, a hat and statement jewelry all in a same look. Go simple or go overboard, it doesn’t matter just express yourself, stay inspired and be creative.

Stay tuned for my version/outfit of each tip!

Want to share your looks inspired by the series? Add #4waysoutfits on your 
Instagram  photos, I will take a peek at your looks!

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Unknown said...

Great tips! :) these 4 are sure to give you a more edgy look! :)



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