Summer Tunes

Thursday, June 11

This is a blog tradition so here it is: my 2015 Summer Playlist! Enjoy! Click here for entire playlist.

Jungle - Busy Earnin
Those Dance move though’ !!! / Quiero bailer como ellis!

Odesza - White Lies
Their music never disappoints! / Su música nunca decepciona!

Teemind - Crazy ft. Joie Tan

Klingande - Jubel

Hippie Sabotage - Your Soul

Mumford & Sons - Believe
Their is absolutely no reason to not love this song!
Imagine Dragons - Shots
Such an awesome song!  / Me encanta esta canción de Imagine Dragons!

Bleachers - Rollercoaster

MS MR - Painted

Capital Cities - Lazy Lies

Florence + The Machine - Delilah
Do yourself a favor and just listen to the whole album! / 
Por favor escuchen todo su disco. Ella, simplemente la mejor!

Lucy Rose - Our Eyes

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