Celebrate 30

Wednesday, November 15

Hello again everyone!

Its been a while since my last post. These past couple of weeks have been full of emotions and changes and just thinking about taking outfits photos and sharing stories didn’t make sense at the time. 

After hurricane Maria hit my home of Puerto Rico (read more here) everything in my life shed a different light. It hasn’t been easy dealing with it all, but I took a much needed break from the post-hurricane stress, sadness and anxiety to celebrate my 30th Birthday.
To be clear, my birthday was almost a month ago, October 22nd so it has taken me aaaall this time to upload these images haha… 

While thinking about what to do for such an iconic age, I considered the possibility of not doing anything at all. But one of my great friends told me : Celebrate! Because is you don’t, Maria won.  And we can let her take away everything, can we? 

So I did! I grabbed my favorite skirt wore some makeup and went to celebrate in company of my husband and bestfriend Lianne who came all the way from Fort Lauderdale with her sister! We had breakfast at one of my top spots in Winter Park, Briarpatch, and had adult drinks a bit later while playing UNO. Being 30 is not bad at all haha..

Jay took a few days off work to celebrate so I have two more birthday related posts! 
Until then,

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Panty Buns said...

Almost one month belatedly, Happy 30th birthday!!! I hope your birthday wishes have been coming true.
It was so horrible seeing what little I saw of the damage hurricane Maria did in Puerto Rico. The television stations here in the U.S. were mainly covering predictions of what the hurricane might do if it hit Florida.
That breakfast looks yummy!
You look GORGEOUS in wearing that beautiful outfit! I love the look of that pretty and feminine embroidered blouse and also of the long pleated green skirt!!!


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